Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Gym Graduation

Today James graduated from his Little Gym class. Actually I had forgotten that it was going to be today (oops!) and I didn't get the chance to invite his grandparents. Sorry grand-folks! It really wasn't much different of a class than any other class, just as the end they gave the kids medals.

When we first started that class James was still army crawling and was unable to crawl in his hands and knees at all. He wasn't able to hold on to the rings or the parallel bar much less hang from it. NOW at the end of this 12 weeks he is able to crawl on his hands and knees across the entire mat, he can climb up most of the steps, he is able to hold on to the rings AND the bars AND swing on them!!! Talk about progress!!!

I hadn't really even thought about how much progress he had made in that class until today when we were going through some of the activities. I was so proud of James. He is such a fighter and the most determined kid I have ever met. I pray that we keep that spirit alive in him for many years to come.

We are going to miss Ms. Ally but I think she will be his teacher for the summer semester. James will not be able to go to Little Gym until July since he needs that day for PT. Little Gym has been so supportive and willing to accommodate for James. I just cant say enough wonderful things about the company and especially the teachers. I feel it has been good for James and the other kids in the class to see that we might be different but really we are all the same. James likes to play and goes crazy over the bubbles just as much as the other kids in the class!

I was one proud Momma when they called his name to come get his medal and He climbed those steps like a champ. I hope that next Little Gym Graduation he will be able to climb them all my himself!

I HIGHLY recommend enrolling your kid in the Little Gym classes. Check them out



I believe I read that this race will allow wheelchairs....

Sweet Baby James

Thank you for letting me know about that race. I will check it out :-)


I need for James to paint his picture frame to commemorate Camp Grandmama 2010. I got some good pictures on this last day of camp but I need your help in uploading them onto my blog.

I also want to post some pictures of Matthew & James on Monday. That will be some great Kodak moments with all the Grandchildren running together! If I could give James my legs I would but hopefully this surgery will give James the kind of legs he needs to run his own races. Go Sweet Baby James!!!

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