Friday, June 4, 2010

On time God....

Well it is amazing what God can do in 24 hours. I am in awe of my God and his ability to provide and calm my heart. Yesterday we learned of a change in our healthy insurance plan that was effective June 1st that would add 1,200 to James surgery cost. We were devastated.

I spent last night in a pretty deep depression because I didn't know what we were going to do about this new co-pay situation. St. Louis requires that everything our insurance doesn't cover to be paid upfront. We were prepared for our typical one time co-pay of $300 and had budgeted out all the Carnival and other donations where our travel, hotel and copay were taken care of. But this new 1,200 copay would eat our entire budget and we were not going to be able to afford our hotel bill. At about 3am this morning, I reached a breaking point and God and I had a chat.....well He chatted and I tried to listen to the words of comfort I found in the scriptures. it was a rough night for me but I did find peace and knew that the plan we had was still in place and God would provide the rest.

And boy did He!!!! This morning, I had SO many things to get done on my to do list. James had to have new hip x-rays and that is close to the bank so I told Josh I wold handle making the deposits. I photographed a few t-ball teams last week and I woke up to their orders in my email box and payments in my PayPal box. I also was surprised by some incredibly generous friends and family that had made some donations for James surgery . I got to adding them up and guess what our take home added up to???

Yep you guessed it 1,200. The exact amount that we need to cover the new co-pay expense. Now I have never been one to believe in chance and I am sure there are those out there that would explain this away. In MY heart I know it was God teaching me to give my worries to Him in the beginning. Because He always provides what we need exactly when we need it.

Those of you that know me know that I am a worry wart and this is a struggle I have in my walk with Christ but I never cease to be amazed that God doesn't give up and me and continues to show me just how silly it is to worry. I am His child and he loves me and James more than I can imagine. It sure is wonderful to have a Savior that is still in the miracle business!!

** Update** This evening we have received from some wonderful people donations that have not only allowed us to cover the cost of the new copay but we will be able to cover the rest of our physical therapy bill for James. Isn't god amazing!!**



Praise God for providing!


He is ALWAYS faithful - but being the humans that we are, sometimes He is so kind to remind us. SO HAPPY FOR YOU - so happy about the $1200, but even happier for the reinforcement He just provided that He knows ALL and can handle ALL. :-)

Meg Danyluk

I am so relieved for you and thankful to God for all he provides :) YIPEE!


Praise God! That is so awesome! Rejoicing with you guys and still praying!


SOOOOO happy for you all!!! SUCH good news!!

Sweet Baby James

Thank you everyone! We are still in awe of how God always shows up and proves his love for us.

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