Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You know that song....

"The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there will be sun.......... Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow........"

It has bee running through my head all day today. Because even though tomorrow is a VERY scary day in our families life, it is also full of such hope and sun! I don't know what my emotional state will be in the morning but right now I am holding together ok. I have moments where I look at his sweet face and I fall apart. Those aren't very often though. I am just ready to get tomorrow over with so we can focus on the sun.

We have to be at registration for surgery at 5:45 in the morning. That is very early but the good part about that is that we are the first and only rhisotomy tomorrow. Today's pt eval went great. the PT's loved James' southern accent, and he charmed even them into helping him up the stairs :-) Nothing like a good ole' southern gentleman to brighten up a day I always say!

We have enjoyed our stay in the gateway city. We have had a little ran but nothing that a nice afternoon nap didnt cure. The first night was rough. James' body clock was out of sorts and he got up and 12:30 and he and I wrestled until about 4. He has since gotten himself together and is back to a pattern.

Yesterday we went to the Science museum since it was raining. We had a great time. I think James touched every touch screen he could find. I took a few videos with my cell that I hope you can see. James was tired but had a great time!

Here is a just for fun cell pic. Right before we left

I do have to say though, trying to "vacation" with spinal surgery looming just a few days away is difficult! I have tried my best to put on a happy face and go with the flow. I haven't done so well on some occasions. I have been a little short with my hubby and family that are here. I am trying not to be though!

I thank all of you SO much for you continued prayers. Some specific prayer requests...

-Dr. Park- That he will be well rested and on top of his game tomorrow in surgery

-All the nurses and techs that will be working with James

-That James' IV and blood draws will not be difficult and that his veins will hold the IVs well

-That Josh and I will be able to stay calm and prayerful during the 3 hours James will be surgery

-PLEASE pray that James will be protected from any infection and other complications that could come from the surgery!



Praying for tomorrow!


Praying here in Las Vegas!! I have been thinking about you all nonstop and I know that tomorrow will go great! I have no internet right now so I have been coming to my in-law's house to check for updates, can't wait for tomorrow's because I know it will be a good one and all of this will finally be behind you!! HUGE HUGS!!!!

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