Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I want to .....

Whine!! But I am going to refrain. .....for the most part ;-) And this rant is not directed and anyone person or therapist but instead my feelings and frustrations on the whole!! I WANT to whine, kick, scream, yell, cry but most of all I want to sleep. Lets just be honest here, today really stunk! I am going to give this first paragraph to the whiny side of me and then move on. James was grumpy and very uncooperative in this therapy session today. I am frustrated that we don't have clear goals and certainly we don't have a clear plan to meet goals. I am frustrated that I am made to feel like a hovering or overprotective mother when I make therapy suggestion. I realize that our wonderful PT ( and I really to mean that!) are highly educated and I have every faith in their abilities but I am no dummy either. I spend at least an hour of research on James's condition everyday and feel that what I bring to the table is valid. I AM his mother and DO deal with this everyday on a REAL basis. I am a former teacher. I like clear and obtainable goals.

Ok rant and whine session over!! I feel better to get that out and now I can talk about the good that happened today.

Last night my sister can to help me with painting James' big boy room. I am thrilled with how it turned out. Wanna see? OK!

It also has a pterodactyl painted on the other wall but my camera memory card was full and I didnt have the energy to empty it. My sister talked me into these super bright colors, and I am so happy she did. I love them!! They are so bright and fun and JAMES!! You see him in the bottom left corner sitting in his "Thinking Chair" my friend brought for him. He is in love with this chair and we just carry it around the house for him to sit in :-) He wakes up asking to sit in this chair.

As for Post Surgery progress, we do have some good things to report. Today during OT James was happier. He loved playing on the scooter board. He pushed off walls and got pulled by Jordan. He had a GRAND time with that. And me and his OT were happy to see that he could hold a grip for such a long time.

Speaking of Jordan!!! Oh how I love this kid. She isn't a kid anymore, but instead a 18 year old young woman. I have known her since she was 4 months old when I babysat her and her brother. She was my little sidekick then and happy to say she still is. She comes Tuesday and Thursdays to be my extra hands during therapy. I look forward to her coming too!! It is nice to be able to talk with the therapist while she has James. I have her until the end of July and I think I might cry when she has to go to college!!

Well I have finished off a bag of banana chips while typing this post as I hide in my bedroom. James is happily watching a cartoon and I decided to take 5 mins of Mommy time to vent and put on my happy face!!



His room is cute!!

As his mommy, you really do know better than anyone. And no doubt you are very well researched and have a lot of knowledge. They should listen to you!


I LOVE that you speak up in Therapy!! It just shows what an amazing mother you are!!! We all know the medical world isn't always right and sometimes you will know MORE than them! (Like when I had to tell my nurse after having Lauren that I had to have the RH shot in a certain amount of time or it wouldn't work and that was news to her!! CRAZY!!)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE his new dinosaur room!! I especially love the video you posted of him seeing it for the first time!! My favorite part was when he stopped to say hi to your sister behind the camera LOL!!! Love him!

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