Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Having a buddy is a special thing. Having someone that plays and moves like you do is a gift. These two little buddies are so very alike in many ways. They are only 2 weeks apart in age, have the same CP diagnosis, have had the same SDR by the same doctor. And they might just be the cutiest and sweetiest little boys on the planet. They are just like any other 4 year old boys they like what they like and sharing is something that is being learned. They even fussed over a few toys. It was a typical little boy friend ship and it was good for this Mommy's heart. James has lots of great little friends but he has never been around another kid that moved just like him. Neither boy was ever left behind because the other got us and ran off. They got to chase and wrestle and just play like 4 year old. It was a wonderful week to get to watch James have a friend. 
I mean LOOK they even cheese the same !

James is working So very hard. When we get home in the afternoons he can hardly eat lunch and stay awake.
 Ms. C has learned a few new tricks to help James. We always knew that James' vestibular system was immature. When you do move around at a very young age it stunts your ability to know where you are in space. So to start his day she has been doing some vestibular excersises. 
Here is a video of James and Cliff working on their vestibular system but shhhh dont tell them that!

Ok now here is the best part! James took his very first steps the other day. The Adeli suit he is wearing helped provide the sensory and stability input that he needed but he was all on his own in space! 
Here is a video from Day #1 of James in the Adeli Suit and walking
No here is the difference just one week makes

Almost got it! 
 Ms. C just has one hand on him....
 And here it is! James standing with NO hands touching him or holding him up. He is FREE 

I LOVE this picture. See him sticking his tounge out at himself in the mirror 

 Time to work on the upper body and weight bearing

Here is James pushing the Shopping cart.
And this is the very end of a PT day. James is pooped with a capital P!!!


Denise :)

Oh ME -- I just cried tears of joy watching James take his steps and hearing you watch him was wonderful, too!! I'm so excited for y'all -- keeping you lifted in prayer! :)

Gmama Jane

I just love every one of these pictures! That sweet little face and the stinker face with his tongue sticking out is so funny! James has such a good sense of humor. But Bless his poor pooped heart! Cliff is adorable too. I hate he had to leave after just one week.
Love you both
Kisses and hugs


Wonderful, jump for joy and lots of clapping. I wish I could find a little friend for Jonah as it is so lonesome without a special friend like him.
Love and blessings sandra

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