Friday, February 10, 2012

Prayer Request for James

Those that know James know that he is the most loving and outgoing little boy on the planet. He is funny and talkitive and just a joy. But when he gets into a physical therapy situation that doesn't always shine through and it really effects his progress. I don't know if it is frustration or just plain stubborness. But what I do know is it isn't my James.

So my prayer request is that we all band together and pray for James and whatever is going on in his little head that is causing this. If it is pain or fear please pray that God will reveal that to us so that we can address it and help him. If it is behavior , please pray that God will show me how to disipline and guide James to a more appropriate behavior.

I do have to say that it is MUCH better than in times past and the therapist here are so wonderful to work with. But I don't feel he is getting the same level of therapy that the other children because of his behavior. And that is not the therapist fault but it does bother me. It is disturbing to see your child go into himself and for others to not be able to see the great kid that he really is.

James is working so hard and we are seeing good results. Josh will be here tonight and I thinking seeing Daddy will do us ALL good :-) Josh gets to stay the whole weekend and that is going to be such a big help.


Denise :)

Lifting James -- and all of you -- this morning!! :)

Sweet Baby James

Thank you so much Denise


When a child is frustrated they don't know how else to deal with it but by acting out with bad behaviour . I see this in my grandson (who is blind) when he is just so frustrate he doesn't know what else to do then act out. I will pray that God will show you a loving way to deal with this. Believe me this isn't unusual and everybody that work with children know this so don't be to frustrated. Blessings Sandra

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