Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its that time again. Time for James to work his little tushie off and build muscle and strength. We are here for the Spider Program here at Children's in Birmingham AL. James has done really well so far. He is still James and makes his therapist work hard as well but he is doing better every time we come. I just cant say enough good things about this program and there therapist here and how they work every minute of our time to give James the most bang  for our therapy buck. This is James in the Spider cage. The bungees allow James to feel what it is like to stand under his own weight on his own and preform tasks that other wise he couldn't do.

 Here is James on the treadmill int he Adeli Suit. I was so proud at how he handled the sensory input of the suit this time.
 James got to walk the therapy dog down the hall way
 Good look at the suit. All those bungees have a purpose. The put the body in correct alignment.

 James practicing with his canes. You can see Cliff, James's buddy in the background getting his "Buzz Lightyear suit" on too
 He found a scooter board and OFF he goes!!
 Cliff and James playing swing basketball
 The Spider Program team with James and Cliff
 How many physical therapist does it take to walk 2 little boys down a hallway? (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke doesn it)
 Back at the Ronald McDonald house. James' favorite thing to do is the computer.
 I LOVE a therapist that will do whatever it takes to make James have fun walking down the hall. Mr Andrew was racing James
 Lest you think it is ALL work and no play....
 Walker parking at the Ronal McDonald house! Cliff is staying here too. You can jump over to his story and the blog his Mommy does here Cliff's Story


Carrie Rhoads Tuttle

Great update! Thanks for letting us see all the things James is doing. Love you!


It is so nice that he has a little friend to work along with. Good luck James and keep up the good work. Love and Blessings

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