Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spider Camp week #1 in the books

 James and Cliff headed into PT for the day. James favorite activity is the "horse" they call it. It is a seat that rides like a horse  and James had to sit up ans straight as possible. He loves it cause he gets to push the button and go fast!

 The Adeli suit is hard to get used to but Bowling with a giant blue ball makes it a little more fun.

 James first tball game and he had a great time doing it. He loved hitting the ball and didnt want to stop. Those of you that know James, know that he never wants to stop anything that is fun. But his sweet little heat loves to share he just needs a little extra help with those transitions.

 So we LOVE the Ronald McDonald house. It allows up to come and not have to worry about a huge hotel bill while we are here. They feed us and we always meet great friends. The rooms are clean but they dont have bathtubs. That can be tough for a kid that cant stand on his own and the thought of just putting him on a shower floor grosses me out to no end! So to the Grandmommy to the rescue. She found us a blow up bathtub and shipped it to us. It is for a lot smaller kiddos but it does the trick.


Denise :)

What a great grandmommy!! Glad things are going *so* well!!! James looks cute in his makeshift bathtub!!! :)

Gmama Jane

Yeah, it works for now! If I had gotten a bigger one, it wouldn't have fit! Looks like James and Cliff are big buddies. Wouldn't it be so nice if they lived close and could be friends? Miss you

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