Friday, February 17, 2012

Week #2 in the books

Well we have finished week #2 of the Spider program. So far we are thrilled with James progress. He is stronger and braver too. He can let go of his walker and open doors, push elevator buttons, or whatever he wants to do.
 In week #2 we have worked really hard to trunk control and balance
 He has also be able to walk on his knees and push the ladder. This is a big deal for James because he is just another step to walking
 James thought this was really fun. He got to pull himself up and down the rope and "Go FAST" as he put it

 Oh bowling! We have learned that James Loves bowling. In fact I think since it is going to be raining this week we are going to find a bowling alley and see if he likes the real thing
 He loves to watch himself walk

 Week #2 also meant that it is time for the Superman cage. This is a contraption that they have explained to me but I still dont get all that it does. I DO know that it activates back muscles. They let me feel his back while he was working and you could really feel it working

 This was his favorite part. He got to pull himself back and forth and make himself fly :-)
 This is a site that I am seeing more and more. Instead of just staying on his knees and looking at things, he pulls to stand on everything. And look how straight and strong his legs look!
 Of course all this hard work means that he is one tired little boy in the afternoons.
 Ok silly James story!! The Ronald McDonald house that we are staying in give tours. Last night they were touring about 30 new volunteers. James was in the playroom and started watching. First he went to the tour guide and asked for hug.
 Then he decided that he wanted to take the tour. I was trying to get him to come to me but he said he told me to "shhhhh I listening!" He crawled over to the middle of the group and started asking everyones name and if he could have a hug
 James is also getting OT while we are here. They have been working on his fine motor skills.
 Today was cutting. What 4 year old doesnt LOVE cutting. I was really impressed with how well he did too
James is such a hardworker. Even when he has difficulty in therapy with being frustrated or his body not wanting to work the way he wants it to...he fights on. I am so very proud of him. Week #3 is coming up and it is the most intense. James will be asked to use all the skills that he has been learning. I am excited to see how his little body will be transformed when we get finished. James will get the chance to showcase his walking skills on a BIG stage Thursday. He has been asked be a model in the Sacs Fifth Ave. fashion show to to benefit the Ronald McDonald house charities. I cant wait to see my baby walking down that runway!



Oh i love your updates and seeing how fast the progress he is making!! Its amazing. He is an amazing little boy but look at his momma!! I am not suprised <3

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