Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its that time again and CP Connection

Me and my little traveling buddy are off again.
 I will be taking him to Birmingham for the month of Feb for another intensive physical therapy program. We planned this to go a long with his post-op rehab and I am excited to see the changes that they see and also the progress he will make with this very intensive program.
 He always comes home a changed little boy. It is really hard to check out of regular life and be away from the hubby for so very long but I know it is worth it all in the end. We have learned to make the Ronald McDonald house as much home as we can and he will have a new friend that is going through the camp the same time frame. I know that will be fun for him. And Josh and I have committed to do everything we can to give James the best chance in life. I mean look at this face! How can you not route for him!! hehe

James got new braces...yes again! We just cant seem to find that perfect combo. A lot of that is because he keeps improving and changing. We started with DAFO #4 but that was before his SDR. After the SDR they wanted to taller version which is a DAFO #3 but we decided to go with a turbo AFO just because I like the ease of how they go on. NOW we have the craziest combo I could come up with LOL. I am so glad I have an orthotist that is willing to listen to me and keep trying. The AFO that is pictured below is a combo of a TURBO ( which means is comes in 2 pieces) and then I had them add a hinge and a stability strap. I did this because we had on therapist that wanted the hinge for freedom of movement but another therapist wanted the solid afo.SO I compromised for them and had a stability strap added so that we loosen it and the hinge works but if we tighten it then it makes the afo like a solid. I also had them cast the tall part of the afo over a DAFO #4 which is what St. Louis wanted us to get. so really it is a 4 in 1 afo! I have to say I am pretty proud that I got all that in one. And so far they are working really well. Making everything doctor and therapist happy is like juggling bowling balls!
 The other day it was warm enough to get out and do a little bike riding. This was the first time James had been on his bike since before his surgery. I was really excited to see that he could pedal so much better. 
 Daddy and James playing Guitar hero. James told me that he totally rocks!
 Check out that hamstring stretch!!
 Just a typical grocery run. James doesnt fit in the seat anymore. Not that he ever come sit in it well. PLEASE support this lady that has made a cart for kids like James

I am participating in a CP Connection. 

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Michelle Karr

Praying for an awesome February!!!! Go James! :)

Ellen Stumbo

I love those pictures of James! Do his AFO's have a separate piece around his toes? And where did you get his bike?

Stacie Wiesenbaugh

Must be difficult to keep up with... but, wow does he look like he's creating his own miracles. Hopped from CP Connection.

Sweet Baby James

Ellen, I got his bike from they are a national organization that give theraputic bikes to disabled people and vets for free! It is an awesome group! Look up your local chapter. This is James 2nd AMBUCS bike

Sweet Baby James

It is an Ambucs bike! And the afo's have a small smo that clicks into the tall afo.

Sweet Baby James

Thank you for your comment! He is a pretty cool little guy we think anyway :-)

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